The "Protect YOUR Energy" Spiritual Kit was designed to support you to protect your energy from lower vibrations. 

  • Protect Your Energy Necklace
  • Selenite Wand
  • Protective Crystals Mojo Bag


The "Selenite wand" is a wonderful spiritual tool to remove negative energy and to both clear and cleanse your energy. The "Protect YOUR Energy" necklace is a collection of magickal herbs and crystals that have programmed to protect your energy as like the "Protective Crystals Mojo Bag".


Spiritual Kits are tools we have put together to assist you on your spiritual journey.  

    All too often we learn about a spiritual practice we would like to put into place but don’t have everything that is needed or you just can’t find where you put it. 

    We have designed these kits to hold everything you need in a handy dandy box!!  No more searching around for things. Everything is right here in your handy dandy box along with directions to follow the spiritual practice.  You can always travel with it too!!

"Protect YOUR Energy" Magickal Spiritual Kit