When Venus goes into Retrograde you can expect to see some adverse effects surrounding your relationships, values, and money.


It is a good time for creating budgets, making financial plans, to re-think our personal relationships and to re-assess what and who we value.


This Crystal Energy/Healing Bracelet is designed with crystals that can help you deal with the effects that Venus can have on you when it goes Retrograde.


Rose Quartz: Helping you to love and to be loved, a soothing self-nurturer that will help you to feel better about yourself and heal - no matter WHAT happens!


Aquamarine: Gives you the courage to listen to your heart and express your truth. If you are having trouble being authentic, this stone will help you ignite that potential within yourself.


Smoky Quartz: Helps to keep you grounded in the present moment, transmutes negative energy in the system, and encourages you to be 'realistic' without reinforcing limiting beliefs.


Sodalite: Helps connect your mind with your higher needs, helping you to manage affairs in a way that is appealing to your sense of logic, well-being, & intuition. Helps you to see through illusion and fantasy, honoring your own innate sense of balance and wisdom.


Angelite: Times that encourage reflection and steadfastness are supported by meditation, and meditation is supported by Angelite. This stone quiets and stills the 'monkey mind', loosens the ego's hold, and ushers in the peace you've been seeking.


All bracelets are custom made and will be made to fit just the way you like it!!

"Help with Venus in Retrograde" Crystal Energy/Healing Bracelet

  • -Every bead is cleansed and laid out in the sun to charge.


    -Bracelets/anklets are handmade by us with affirmations/intention infused into them as they are created.  They are also cleansed with our Crystal Smudge Spray and Reiki charged before shipping.


    -Each bracelet/anklet is packaged in a beautiful organza bag suitable for gift giving.