When Mercury goes Retrograde it can really wreak havoc with your life.  You could possibly face difficulties with electronics, travel plans, friends argue; relationships fall apart; your laptop breaks down, etc.


This Crystal Energy/Healing Bracelet is designed with crystals that can help you deal with the craziness that can happen when Mercury goes retrograde.


Black Tourmaline assists in letting go of fear and anxiety. It works with the root chakra, grounding you into the energy of the Earth. Black tourmaline also a powerful protective stone, helping you to feel safe and supported.


Tree Agate allows you to feel supported and nurtured. It instills a sense of inner peace and connection with the Earth. It has a calming energy. 


Amazonite promotes clear communication. It is calming and soothing.


Fluorite encourages peace and harmony. It's a wonderful crystal for stress relief and anxiety. It has the ability to neutralize negative energy and bring harmony and balance.


Hematite is a grounding stone. It has the ability to pull any negative energy from your body into itself to clear your energy field.


All bracelets are custom made and will be made to fit just the way you like it!!

"Help with Mercury Retrograde" Crystal Energy/Healing Bracelet

  • -Every bead is cleansed and laid out in the sun to charge.


    -Bracelets/anklets are handmade by us with affirmations/intention infused into them as they are created.  They are also cleansed with our Crystal Smudge Spray and Reiki charged before shipping.


    -Each bracelet/anklet is packaged in a beautiful organza bag suitable for gift giving.