Golden Tigers Eye 

-helps you to access personal power

-clarifying stone that helps you to determine and focus on what is important & to make things happen

-boost your power & support you in persevering lifestyle changes if you need to be able to actualize your dreams

-talisman of good fortune & luck that brings you the resources you need to succeed

-stone of balance, harmony, & protection



-helps you solidify and strengthens your intention

-enhances personal power

-grounds the perfect outcome into your personal reality

-boosts your attitude, energy levels, and confidence, helping you to shine in all endeavors

-helps you stay present and effective in the moment, while providing energetic protection


Rutilated Quartz


-high vibration crystal that is a connector, an activator,

and an accelerator

-ideal manifestation stone because it is an amplifier of

energy & intention

-vibrational healer and a spiritual activator

-cleanses your aura & removes negative energy



-gives you an empowered, can-do attitude

-will clear thoughts that would block your connection to abundance & to the Divine flow of manifestation

-radiant energy is like the sun, warm, happy, powerful, & positivity

-because it is in Quartz family, you can program it with the specific desire to manifest

-it will hold and amplify your intention, attracting it to you in record time


Laser Clear Quartz Wand

-Quartz amplifies the intention 

Crystals for Manifestation Grid