Using our Crystal Energy Tubes is an indirect method to safely "charge" your water (herbal teas, wine, & other cool liquids) with crystal healing energy. This is a time-honored method of creating a Gem Essence that is safe, easy and very efficient to use. "Crystal Energy Tubes"  are reusable, eco-friendly and will last a lifetime with proper care.


Choose from the plethora of intentions in the drop-down menu to see all the possible crystal energy you can add to your water!!


You are buying ONE (1) Crystal Energy Tube.  


Each tube is filled with genuine crystal chips. Simply place the Crystal Energy/Intention Tube in any cool liquid.  (It is best used in a glass container or glass pitcher.) Simply leave the Crystal Energy/Intention Tube in the water or liquid for about 4 hours, then the liquid is ready to use as a Crystal Energy water. Once the Crystal Energy water is made, you can use it full strength, or to preserve it for longer than a couple of days, you can create a Crystal Elixir/Essence. 


Informative directions filled with tips, ideas & affirmations for your chosen intention are included.

Various Crystal Energy Tubes

  • The tubes are made of Borosilicate Glass. This is the best glass technology to use for making the Crystal Energy Water because of its purity and protection against leaching. It is a very clear glass which resists heat changes better than other types of glass and is non-toxic, BPA free, eco-friendly, and reusable.  The caps are Black Phenolic screw caps with a rubber liner which are specially formulated to resist the effects of temperature and steam.  


    Borosilicate Glass Tube Size: 3 15/16 inches Long, 5/8 Inch Wide, 3/4 oz Volume (16x100 mm and 10 ml Volume), Black Phenolic screw cap, authentic crystal chips, & directions

  • You can use your Crystal Energy Tube to create crystal energy water to:

    • Drink daily in your water with all of its wonderful goodness 

    • Make it into herbal tea or other beverages. 

    • You can even add the crystal goodness into your pets and plants water too. 

    • Add to your bath to experience the crystalicious energy surrounding you 

    • Create a Crystal Elixir/Essence.