The Chakra Balancing Crystal Energy/Healing bracelet can help you keep your Chakra’s aligned.   The crystals chosen will help to regulate the flow of energy through your energy system.


Chakra crystals used:

Root-Red Jasper, Sacral-Carnelian, Solar Plexus-Citrine, Heart-Rose Quartz, Throat-Sodalite, Third Eye-Amethyst, & Crown-Clear Quartz


Lava Stone-Is a grounding stone that gives strength & courage in time of change, it can also help to dissolve anger


-Essential Oils can be used with Lava Stone beads

- Rub or drop your favorite essential oil onto the Lava beads. Enjoy the subtle aroma for up to 2 days (time varies on choice of essential oil used). Re- apply oils on the lava beads as desired. Multiple lava beads allow you to enjoy complementary essential oils simultaneously, or to strengthen the scent of your favorite.

"Chakra Balancing" Crystal Energy/Healing Bracelet

  • -Every bead is cleansed and laid out in the sun to charge.


    -Bracelets/anklets are handmade by us with affirmations/intention infused into them as they are created.  They are also cleansed with our Crystal Smudge Spray and Reiki charged before shipping.


    -Each bracelet/anklet is packaged in a beautiful organza bag suitable for gift giving.  

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