What is an Archangel Life Coaching Package?  
"    Have you ever wanted to work with the angels but didn't know how to go about it?  An Archangel Life Coaching Package is just for you!!  
"    We will chat with what is going on in your life and where you would like Angelic Guidance in.  
"    Then I will create your VERY OWN "Spiritual Prescription" of instruction of which Archangels or Ascended Masters to work with and exactly how to do that.  
"    Also within the Spiritual Prescription, I will provide you with ideas of which crystals that will help you with your situation and how to use your crystal friends
"    A list of possible affirmations and what to do with them
"    Introductions and explanations to other spiritual practices that you can add to your Spiritual Toolbox and how to use them in your everyday life (this will be in web links to articles or videos)
"    There also will be video links to guided meditations and other things that relate to your situation.

An Individualized Spiritual Prescription is a your VERY OWN custom made 10-14 page workbook chuck full of a wealth of information on which Archangel or Ascended Master to work with and spiritual tools to help you during this journey.  It will be sent to you through email and will include links to guided meditations and other spiritual practices that will enhance your spiritual toolbox.

During the follow up sessions we will discuss: 
"    How your connection to the Archangels or Ascended Masters is going and how to enhance it
"    What Spiritual tools you have been working with and possible additional ones if needed 
"    Homework given for in between sessions so you can get the most out of the program

The Written Angel Card Reading 
"    You will be sent a list of possible questions to ask the cards for the area of your life we are working on
"    I will then do an Angel Card Reading, provide you pictures of the cards, & a written explanation of the message I received from the angels.
"    Initial introduction session that I explain all about the program and discuss which area you would like Angelic guidance in, is FREE!! (value $50)
"    Your VERY OWN Spiritual Prescription (value $200)
"    (2) Follow up sessions (45 min- 1 hour) (over the phone, or face to face on Facebook Messenger or Skype) (value $50x2=$100)
"    one card Angel Card Reading during each follow up session (value $10x2=$20)
"    I will be available by Facebook Messenger or email in-between sessions for any questions you may have (value $100)
"    You will also receive a LIVE 30 minute Angel Card Reading pertaining to the area we are working on at the end of the program (value $75)
"    Total Value $ 545
"    Total Introductory price is ONLY $444

Archangel Life Coaching w/ Spiritual Prescription Package